Bauhaus: Квинтэссенция готики, отчаяния и горя…

Oh, classic gentlemen,
Say your prayers
To the winds of prostitution,
To your faces and Rex complexes
Riddle my breast
Full of the oppressed puss.

O, gentlemen, with your fish
That you surround, all around
And you man, will always point
Your fishes, at me.

But I will always exist,
Because I always exist
Damn good too.

The rat rage begins,
The fat face stings.
I hold the fresh pink baby
With a smile.
I slice off those rosy cheeks,
Because I fell so thristy.

And edipus Rex complexes…
…Riddle my closed bloated breast….

Какие Fields Of Nephilim, Sangus et Cinis, Beyond The Wall Of Sleep, Sopor Auternus?!
О чем вы?!


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